Microdermabrasion of some sort, this collagen induction therapy is used for acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and large pores. Results include skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and improvement in texture.


In essence, the microneedling treatment involves a device equipped with very fine needles that penetrate the superficial layer of skin and breaks down old tissue on the area. Creating microscopic injuries that trigger the body’s natural healing process, this promotes production of collagen and Fibroblast. The skin regeneration following your appointment leads to anti-aging and acne scar removal.

Results from skin needling

The number of required sessions may vary. Most skin conditions can be treated within 2 to 4 sessions and results are visible after the first treatment. Your skin will gradually improve in texture over 6 weeks following an appointment.

Microneedling benefits

This treatment is safe and effective and is intended for people who need deep skin rejuvenation, such as scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and large pores. Many areas in the body can also be treated with our high quality procedures. Common areas include the face, eye contour, neck and back. Stretch marks on the stomach and thighs are also very popular and yield amazing results.

Microneedling in Montreal

Our certified technicians start with a free consultation and thoroughly explain the process. The treatment itself lasts 60 minutes depending on the area of the body. 

During the procedure clients may feel a tingling sensation and heat on the skin, which are very tolerable thanks to a topical numbing cream applied prior to the treatment.  Redness may appear for 48 hours after your session and our specialist will instruct you on resuming your regular skin care routine. An advantage of choosing New Age Spa is that we include a free Gold mask facial during your visit.



Acne scars


Large pores

Strech marks

Stretch marks on stomach

Dry skin

sun damage



200 $

Body areas

Starting at 100 $


After a Microneedling treatment

Do not wear makeup for 48 hours;

No exercise for 48h;

No tanning for 14 days

Recommended to use sunscreen

Recommended to use a mild cleanser

Before a Microneedling Treatment

Take a shower

Come without any makeup

Avoid anti inflammatory (Advil/Tylenol) or antibiotics;

Avoid alcoholic beverages

Bring a hat and sunglasses for your departure.