How to remove a tattoo

Our state of the art laser technology is the most effective way to remove a tattoo. The laser is directed onto the area and heat will cause fragmentation of the ink into small particles. The process requires expert knowledge to prevent skin irritation or damage. You can be confident to receive the best service from experts in the industry by choosing New Age Spa.

Laser tattoo removal

The first step in removing a tattoo is by booking a free consultation with our specialists. We are then able to determine your skin type and the pigment colors in the tattoo. In addition, our certified technician will build a plan of the process for you and explain the expected results and the number of sessions required to erase a tattoo.

How much is tattoo removal

Removing a tattoo is not necessarily expensive. How much does tattoo removal cost depends on the size of the area to treat. In most cases, a basic price per session is established. For example, if your tattoo is about (5 cm x 5 cm), the regular price is:

100 $ per session

Eyebrow tattoo removal

Our institute is well known in the beauty industry. Over the years, many of our clients came to us in order to bad tattoos that they had done elsehwhere. Moreover, we specialize in eyebrow tattoo removal, permanent makeup removal and micro-pigmentation removal. Our laser removal technology can permanently erase these pigments from your skin in few sessions.

 Why remove a tattoo

  • Received a bad treatment
  • Changed your mind
  • Didn’t match your expectation
  • Want to change your style
  • Bad scalp micropigmentation
  • Old tattoo