Laser has proven to be the most effective way to remove tattoos.

Our state of the art laser technology is the safest and most effective procedure to remove an unwanted tattoo. The laser is directed onto the area and heat will cause fragmentation of the ink into small particles. The process requires expertise and it is important to choose a reputable clinic to prevent skin irritation or damage. At new age spa, you can be confident to receive the best results from experts in the industry.

Laser tattoo removal

Start by booking a Free consultation with one of our certified technicians. We proceed by determining your skin type. Then the number of sessions required and the price for the treatment. 

Permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation removal

New age spa is well known in the beauty industry. We are Leading Providers of permanent makeup and scalp micro pigmentation in Montreal. Over the years, we have seen many of our clients come to fix bad work that they had done previously. Our tattoo removal technology can permanently erase these pigments from your skin in just one session.

 Why would you want to remove a tattoo?

  • Received a bad treatment
  • Changed your mind, or the reality didn’t match your expectation
  • Want to change your style

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