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Our hydra dermabrasion training program is designed with student success in mind. We offer a unique course that combines the perfect amount of theoretical knowledge and practice to achieve the best hydradermabrasion facials and results. Hydro derma facial treatments tought to you by the leading practitioners in Montreal will allow you to observe and apply the required techniques to offer the best results.

Hydra dermabrasion is one of the most trending facial technologies today. Every minute, a hydro facial treatment is being performed around the world and with our training course, you will be qualified to join this booming industry. The purpose of this hydro facial program is to ensure a good start in your business, your beauty career or to help you add an hot new service to your menu.

What is Hydro Dermabrasion ?

Hydro derma Facial is a non invasive and very effective procedure that combines multiple actions such as exfoliation, extraction and hydration.

The hydro dermabrasion technology vacuums out dirt and toxins from the pores while simultaneously infusing active vitamin serums into the dermal layers. This deep cleaning process will improve one’s skin texture by brightening, plumping and protecting the skin at all levels.

Who can benefit from your hydro dermabrasion service ?

Hydro facial is a high tech beauty treatment that provides the benefits of a basic facial, however, it adds more advanced steps such as acne prevention, blackhead removal, Red light therapy, skin brightening and collagen boosting functions.

One of the main advantages of offering the hydro facial treatment is that it can benefit everyone and can be used to treat any skin type or color.

The minimally invasive nature of hydra dermabasion allows for effective results with zero down time. Clients do not have to worry as much about after care routines, sun exposure and other contraindications that more intensive skin treatments such as microneedling or laser may create.

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What can you offer ?

Diminish pore size

Clean out pores

Reduce acne breakouts

Black head removal

Safe White head removal

Skin rejuvination


Pigmentation removal

Deep Exfoliation

hydro facial - microneedling -beauty training in montreal

Hydra Dermabrasion training in Montreal

The difference between good and bad results is linked to two main factors: The education of the esthetician and the quality of the products being used. Our course includes Information on the anatomy of the skin, the different hydro facial procedures and step by step instructions on providing amazing results.

In addition to the training’s theoretical aspect, we will provide you with multiple models to practice the treatment and graduate with full confidence in your abilities. The course includes the hydro facial machine, the multi petpide serums and all the products you need for your procedures.

Success after graduation

Our academy is dedicated to support and increase our students chances of success. In other words, we provide quality training for services that are trending and have a growing market potential. Due to proven hydro facial results and its top of the line technology, it can be used before, after and in combination with other treatments. We train you for a facial service that will stand the test of time and attract returning customers for your business.

Quality products are included in your certification 

Hydra dermabrasion training at New Age Spa is a unique learning experience that offers you the best information, hands on practice and quality products. We offer full starter packages that included high tech equipment with all our training courses. Students graduate not only with the best skill set, but with the best tools to propel them in the beauty industry and produce the best results.

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Anatomy of the skin

Basic facial vs hydro facial

Safety and guidelines

Precautions & protocols

Using the products

Hydro facial Application


After care instructions

Marketing ideas


Models included

Workstation setup

Device instruction

Step by step demo


Student practice on model

Revision of techniques

More practice



Potential customers after graduation

  Perfect for teenagers or young adults with acne, the hydro treatment will clean out the pores and eliminate acne causing bacteria that lie within the dermal layers of the skin.

Combining suction and hydration technologies, it can remove the blackheads and even whiteheads, without causing damage to surrounding skin. Furthermore, hydradermabrasion can prevent scarring and spreading acne bacteria to other parts of the skin. One of the steps of hydro facial involves a salicylic acid peel, which will help regenerate the skin and balance out sebum levels.

The hydro facial also Produces amazing results for adults who get pimples, experience dry skin and oily skin by balancing hydration levels and cleaning out excess sebum in the pores.


Older clients or people with hyper pigmentation prone skin can benefit from the hydro facial treatment as well. Moreover, If you are dealing with wrinkles, sun damage and dry skin, then hydra dermabrasion is an ideal solution.


Our training consist of a one day, practice oriented course. The price depends includes the certification, the best hydro dermabrasion machine on the market and hydro facial products to use during your facial treatments.



Includes Hydra derma Facial Machine, 7 Light LED therapy Machine and HydroFacial Products.