client enjoying her dermaplaning facial results in the mirror

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning has proven to produce the softest and most luminous skin. Hormonal, environmental and age related factors all add to layers and layers of dead skin cells and toxins accumulating on your skin. Although this is a normal phenomenon, overtime these pollutants will make your skin look uneven in texture, flaky, dull and eventually, cause breakouts and wrinkles. But, don’t worry, our clinics are constantly testing and developing the best facial treatments to maintain your skin as soft, clear and blemish free as possible.

If your want your skin to feel as soft as a baby’s bum, then dermaplaning may be the right solution. Benefits of this skin shaving facial include: no facial hair, brighter skin tone, a smooth surface for makeup foundation and incredibly glowing skin.






The results from your treatment are considered to be instant. You will immediately notice softer, cleaner and a smoother skin surface. What is interesting is that you will also be able to see all the gunk and unwanted facial hair that will be removed. Just ask your esthetician!

Unlike other treatments, dermaplaning can be offered on all skin types. However, sensitivity may and in very rare cases, you may expect some redness for 24 to 48 hours. If you happen to experience rosacea, sensitive skin, exzema or such affections, then dermaplaning may not be suitable for your skin. Contact our experts for some quality advice in the case where you think you may not be eligible.

The facial hair that is removed is basically peach fuzz, also known as vellus hair. This type of follicle is not affected by shaving and will not grow back stronger or darker.

Some people go to an arms lenght to eliminate their facial hair and clear up their faces for smooth makeup application or a clean look in general. However, conventional treatment like waxing or laser hair removal can not only be very very painful but can also peel off or injure your skin. Dermaplaning on the other hand will offer you with super clean and smooth skin without any pain, irritation or risk.

Face shaving does not sound is not as dramatic as other facials such as microneedling for example. In fact, dermaplaning is one of our least intensive facial treatment. We still recommend clients to avoid sun tanning for 48 hours, however thats all there is to it. You can go to work, school or out and about right after your appointment.

dermaplaning close up and removal of dead skin cells and peach fuzz

Face shaving ?

Dermaplaning is a highly trending facial treatment and you may have seen dermaplaning before and afters, videos or pictures all over social media. What exactly is it you may ask ? is it like shaving your face ? well, yes and no. Dermaplanning is an exfoliating facial treatment involving a medical grade scalpel to remove dead skin cells and unwanted peach fuzz. Almost as soft as a baby, your skin will be significantly brighter and smoother and this allows for AMAZING makeup results when laying down your foundation color.

Where should you get dermaplaning ?

When looking to get a facial, and one involving scalpels, it is always recommended to go to a certified clinic with qualified estheticians or medical practitioners. At New Age Spa, we hire, train and offer academic course on dermaplanning. Therefore, you are sure to benefit from the best dermaplaning results in town. Different techniques used can achieve different results. We guarantee a quality results that include a safe treatments and avoid ingrown hairs or stubble growth.

How much does Dermaplaning cost ?

Our dermaplaning treatment can be done as a complete facial by itself or can be used as an addon to other facials. At our clinics, clients receive a free facial consultation before the procedure and also complementary services such as an LED light therapy treatment and gold mask collagen facial right after your dermplaning.

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