Every day activities and regular exposure with the environment can negatively impact your skin. Pollutants in the air and rays from the sun can really damage the epidermis leaving your skin with a worn texture, sagginess and brown spots. The most common signs of aging and discoloration is caused by reduced collagen productivity and blood circulation to the skin

Why should you choose the cryotherapy facial ?

Cryotherapy Facials or Cryofacial is an innovative treatment that will activate the nerve endings, blood vessels and skin cells on the treated area with cold temperature induction. Thus, improving blood flow and collagen production. The increased circulation will carry nutrients and skin repairing cells to the area causing a restorative effect. After one session of cryotherapy facial, you will experience a refreshed and tighter skin, guaranteed.



Skin repair and rejuvenation

Improve skin texture

Instantly tighten pores

Reduce acne breakouts

Increase collagen production

Create blood flow circulation

Improve appearance of your skin

How does cryotherapy facials work ?

Cryo facial treatment procrss involved using the device to methodically go over the different areas of your face. The cold associated with low frequency waves will act in depth to stimulate cell renewal. With precise gestures, you can smooth and tighten your skin on the areas marked by wrinkles, or to tighten a double chin for example.