Lipo-cavitation treatment

200 / session

Lipo cavitation was developed as an alternative to surgical liposuction. It is a safer way to remove stubborn fat deposits on the body. It is in strong demand due to its non-invasive nature, which is painless with no downtime or any side effects or health risks. Benefits from this body shaping treatment include Instant fat-Loss, Cellulite Reduction, Body Sculpting, Slimming, anti-ageing of the face and body.

Lipo-cavitaton body contouring

Lipo cavitation is a spot fat reduction treatment that is highly demanded due to its non-invasive nature. You can reduce fatty deposits from any area on the body without surgery or painful procedures. Lipocaviation is an effective and safe alternative that produces great body shaping results for our clients. Our Beauty team of experts in Montreal and Laval will guide you through a secure and comfortable body contouring treatment.

Who can get lipo Cavitation slimming treatments ?

Lipo-cavitation works best for people with stubborn fat in a particular body area, but that are obese. We can target areas such as the hips, buttocks, stomach, arms, love handles, double chin, knees, back and more. Please note that a healthy lifestyle and diet is recommended to maintain and improve your body slimming results.

How does it work?

Lipo-cavitation is a safe and effective procedure that consists of ultrasound technology. The high-frequency waves product micro-vibrations to stimulate fat cells called adiposities and destroys them. This technology is harmless to surrounding tissues and does not interfere or alter normal bodily functions. Damaged fat cells are digested by your metabolism and cleared out via the natural lymphatic system. Although it may take multiple sessions for satisfactory results, fat cells are usually eliminated from the body in as little as three days. This means that the results are noticeable fairly quickly.


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