In-office teeth whitening or dental bleaching has become a popular beauty treatment in Montreal and Laval. Tooth whitening is a non-invasive, safe and quick cosmetic process. Our Peroxide gel and Blue light technology works by oxygenating surface stains on your teeth and can whiten years of accumulated discoloration. Team of teeth whitening experts provide you with the best results, the best prices and a safe environment for your experience.



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How does teeth whitening work ?


Teeth whitening in Montreal and Laval offered by our professionals is a safe, comfortable and practical experience. First, you are greeted with an evaluation where we check for pre-existing conditions and explain the procedure and aftercare. Before starting the treatment, a protective material is applied to the gums, lips and eye gear is provided. We use the safest cosmetic process for teeth bleaching. The procedure involves applying a peroxide gel in combination with a blue LED light source, which will whiten teeth using oxygenation. We do not use harmful lasers, chemicals or medical devices during this treatment.

What can we treat ?


Many people want to whiten their teeth for apparent reasons. Diet and lifestyle habits can cause stains and turn teeth yellow. For example, drinking tea, sodas, and coffee are the leading causes of tooth discolouration. In addition to that, consumption of tobacco products, dark sauces and candy will also change the colour of your teeth over time. In-clinic teeth whitening is aimed to lighten these stains and restore your tooth’s original color


Generally, teeth whitening provides instant and dramatic results. The effects of professional teeth whitening as visible immediately after your session. However, this is not a permanent solution, and results will last you between 2-4 months. After that period, clients usually come in for a touch-up appointment once or twice per year or maintain the white color of their teeth using our at-home teeth whitening kit.

What kind of products are used?


Our teeth whitening clinics in Montreal and Laval have been providing Canadians with the best whitening results for the past years, and our secret is simple. We use a high-quality tooth whitening gel that is made in the U.S or Canada. Also, our team is continuously trained and educated on industry developments and new protocols.

Is teeth whitening painful ?


Not at all, our treatments are separated into 3 x 15 minutes intervals. After each 15-minute whitening session, your technician will check up on you, make sure you are comfortable, change the whitening products and apply fresh whitening gel onto your teeth. You may feel some heat for the light and pressure from the mouth opener. However, the treatment itself completely pain-free.

Am I a right candidate for teeth whitening?


Dental whitening is suitable for anyone looking to brighten their smile and whiten their teeth. You may also experience a boost of confidence after the treatment. To get teeth whitening, you must be 18 years +, not have any cracked or broken teeth, not have any medical conditions, artificial fillings, crowns, or bridges of dental composite. Also, you cannot be pregnant or lactating. More contra-indications may be explained to you during our in-depth consultation before the treatment.

Duration of treatment


A tooth bleaching appointment involves a full consultation, the teeth whitening process and aftercare guidelines. The whole process may take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What to do Before whitening?


Before your appointment, make sure teeth are well brushed and clean. It is recommended to have received a dentist cleaning and check-up within the 6 months before your tooth whitening.

What to do after whitening?


After your treatment, it is essential to follow our aftercare guidelines. Some key points include using a whitening toothpaste if you have sensitive teeth than a sensitivity toothpaste is recommended. also, you should avoid smoking for at least 2 hours and avoid consuming coloured drinks and food for 24 hours (ex: cola, tomato sauce, black tea).


Excellent customer service by a staff who truly cares about the customers experience . Had teeth whitening done about a month and a half ago good results for a great price.
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Honestly... amazing service, the staff is super nice and I had a great experience there. I personally did a teeth whitening treatment, and micro pigmentation for my hair. Teeth looked much whiter than any other whitening strips or whatever they have out there that I’ve used before. As for the micro pigmentation for my head it went very smooth and I didn’t even feel any pain, actually felt like I was getting a head massage lmao! WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!😊
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