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Brightening facial treatments are designed to reduce the effects of sun damage or age spots. The goal is to reduce the signs of pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Depending on your needs, we may combine dermabrasion, chemical peels and photo-facial treatments. Skin brightening facials in our Montreal and Laval beauty clinics are customizable, and our skincare provider will personalize the treatment specifically for your skin type.

Why do i get dark spots ?

Dark spots on the skin are usually brown in colour and depend on the tone of a person’s skin. They typically develop on any part of the body. Still, They are most prevalent in areas exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, back and shoulders. There are many causes for dark spots, but most of the time, they appear due to sun exposure, hormones, injury or inflammation.

Hydra dermabrasion

Brighten, hydrate and improve your skin tone instantly with our hydra dermabrasion facial. This treatment uses a powerful water suction system to exfoliate the surface cells that cause dullness and pigmentation. Combine with a multi-step facial protocol; it’s an effective process to treat and prevent cellular discoloration. It protects your skin for a brighter tone in the long run.

Skin renewal chemical peel

A light chemical peel that is compatible with your skin condition can be used to treat hyper-pigmentation. Packed with AHA and benefits, lactic or glycolic acids can reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots in as little as one appointment. The chemical peel treatment is formulated with alpha-hydroxy-acid and a Ph level that suits your skin type. Benefits include brighter skin complexion, detoxification and lighter pigmentation.

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