Scalp micropigmentation


Scalp micro pigmentation is the process of injecting pigment into the top layer of skin to recreate follicle impressions that look like real hair. Micro-pigmentation in our Montreal and Laval clinics is the best alternative to hair transplants and is commonly used to eliminate the look of baldness or thinning hair on both men and women.


#1 Natural results

No surgery

No pain

Get your hairline back

Remove thin spots

Camouflage scars

INSTANT results

Boost your confidence

What can we treat with scalp micropigmentation SMP?

Thinning hair

For hair that is thinning out, the same process of hair pigmentation is applied. In this case, the objective is to provide density and fullness to your thinning hair. Due to the hair falling out, skin on the scalp begins to shine through and forms a bald look. Scalp pigmentation provides a baldness cure by removing that contrast and reproduce the look of fullness.

Hair transplants

In addition to simulating a shaved head effect and adding hair density, this hair restoration method is used to complement hair transplant. By filling the spaces between hair grafts, we can create instant results and enhance your hair grafts without additional surgery.

Scar camouflage

Skin pigmentation treatments also make it possible to hide the scars on the scalp and body. For example, men’s hair transplants may cause multiple scarring in the donor areas. The Scalp microtechnique will camouflage scars by replacing the hair in that area.

Male or female baldness

In most cases, hair loss shows up in the front and then spreads towards the back of the head. This type of baldness is usually hereditary.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is a rare type of spot baldness that affects the entire scalp and not just some spots. The causes of alopecia disorders include stress, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, excessive consumption of drugs or iron deficiency.

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