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hair tattoo results on a client with a thinning crow hair

What is Scalp Micro ?

Scalp micro-pigmentation is the process of injecting pigment (ink) into the scalp and create follicle impressions that look like real hair. Micro pigmentation is the best alternative to hair transplantation and is commonly used to eliminate the look of baldness or thinning hair on both men and women.


For hair that is thinning out, the same process of hair pigmentation is applied. In this case, the objective is to provide density and fullness to your thinning hair. Due to the hair falling out, skin on the scalp begins to shine through and creates a bald look. Scalp pigmentation provides a baldness cure by removing that contrast and reproduce the look of fullness.

In addition to simulating a shaved head effect and adding hair density, this hair restoration method is used to complement hair transplant.  By filling the spaces between hair grafts, we can create instant results and enhance your transplant without surgery.


A hair tattoo also makes it possible to hide the scars on the scalp. Furthermore, men who undergo hair transplants are left with multiple scars. The Scalp micro technique will camouflage scars by replacing the hair on that area.



A typical person has an average 140 000 follicles and loses about 70 per day. This process is defined as the natural hair cycle. Balding is considered when a person loses more than that amount. In general, hair loss tends to appear in early adulthood and is caused by a multitude of factors such as the environment or genetics.


This type of hair loss in men is manifested by the thinning of the temples or thinning or the crown. In, most cases, it shows up in the front and then spreads towards the back of the scalp. Moreover, this type of baldness is usually hereditary.


Hair loss in women is problematic and can affect ones confidence. In fact, the process is similar to men where cells of the scalp can dry up because of an excess of hormones. This is explained by the narrowing of the hair follicles and hair loss appears as general or in specific areas.


Alopecia areata is a rare type of spot baldness that affects the entire scalp and not just some spots. The causes of alopecia disorders include stress, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, excessive consumption of drugs or iron deficiency.


scalp micropigmentation training course online class produucts available

In general, the principle of hair pigmentation is to inject thousands of hair impressions into the skin using natural pigments or ink. On the other hand, our secret to achieving natural results and real hair replication depends on two factors.

Organic Pigments that don’t turn blue

Firstly, we use the most natural pigments available on the market and state of the art micropigmentation tools. Our pigments consist of organic carbon, glycerin and water. There is not risk of allergies, reactions or the ink to turn green.

Its all about technique

Secondly, we have developed the craft to such an extent that each pigment injection is consistent throughout the scalp. As a result, well spaced and sharp strokes allow us to avoid ink blowouts or fusion of the hair (ink) impressions in the skin. In the end, the sum of these thousands of little hair dots will create the look of real hair, filling in thinning areas or creating a shaved hair look for balding men.

Hair pigmentation or scalp micro-pigmentation require very high level of skill and attention to detail. Hence, that is why we recommend choosing our scalp micropigmentation clinic in Montreal for your free consultation or to get it done with quality results. Our clients will get:

  • Instant results after each treatment
  • Full hair effect after 1 or 2 sessions
  • Natural follicle like impressions
  • No one can tell the difference from real hair
  • Get your hair line back
  • Eliminate thin spots in hair
  • Boost of confidence

Scalp micropigmentation is a delicate treatment because hair can really affect a person’s confidence. At our scalp micro-pigmentation clinic in Montreal, we understand that and value our customers privacy and comfort. In the beginning, you are greeted by our designated micro pigmentation professional and offered a free consultation. During that initial hair loss consult, we will discuss client suitability, the number of sessions/cost it may require and the potential outcome you will get from scalp micro pigmentation results. With that aside, treatment can begin on the same day or not. During treatment day, the scalp micro-pigmentation artist will draw up some hair line examples for you and decide the height, color and design of your hair tattoo. In all cases, new age spa ensures clients the best results, realistic hair follicle impressions and outstanding customer service..

Not only are we the best SMP provider in Montreal, we also provide a complete scalp micropigmentation training program. The program includes 3 days of intensive learning where students observe and follow the steps of masters in the art of Micropigmentation.


stage 1,2,3

hair loss level 1 on hamilton scale

According to Hamilton and Norwood, this stage of the scale corresponds to the beginning of baldness. Furthermore, there may be continuous thinning of the temples towards the interior and a lightening of the crown area.


STAGE 4 & 5

hair loss level 2

At this stage, significant hair falling out at the frontal gulfs and the crown area. On the other hand, baldness is often caused by stress or male hormones or genetics and may continue to develop.




sTAGE 6 & 7

This is the ultimate stage of the norwood Hamilton scale. There is complete hair loss on the top of the scalp from the temples to the crown. Other hair loss solutions such as hair transplants or hair growth pills are almost certain to fail. Scalp micro pigmentation is the only effective solution at this stage.



Looks like I have hair again along with whiter teeth! What more can yo ask for? Well, since you asked.... Mark and Madonna are skilled professionals at what they do and the results of their work are the proof. They are detailed, kind, and make you feel very comfortable. I trust their work and you should give them a try if you want high quality results. Great work you two!
Vahé yegoyan
Google Review
(Translated by Google) Micro pigmentation with Mark has been well above my expectations, friendly, professional, caring and conscientious! I am really happy to have used his services !! It's been a year soon and the work is still on my mind! Thank you Mark!
Matthieu lavoie
Google Review
Mark is a scalp micropigmentation artist. He is very friendly and professional. He gives a lot of advices and make sure that the client will be pleased with the result. The place is very clean and you don t need to worry. The price for the smp procedure is affordable. I wish him the best. I highly recommend new age spa. This is based on my own experience. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.
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