Lipo Cavitation in Montreal is a non-invasive treatment intended for body contouring and improving your shape. Since there is no medical procedure involved, clients can experience dramatic reduction of fat deposits and cellulite removal with zero downtime or pain. In other words, you can expect a visible decrease in cellulite, skin tightening and an overall improvement in the shape of your body within four to six appointments. Commonly treated body areas are the stomach, buttocks, thighs, love handles, the jaw line and the arms.


Body cavitation is an effective alternative to tumescent liposuction,  an operation used by surgeons to transform fat cells into free fatty acids, which are eliminated by your metabolism. Our ultrasonic cavitation treatment is a multi step procedure that projects low frequency sound waves on the treated areas and breaks down fat cells. Following that is a lipo-massage treatment using an RF suction device. Our expert will mechanically massage the treated body areas with reaching fat located in even deeper areas. Once the fat cells have been effectively disrupted, the body will transform them into proteins and eliminate them naturally via the lymphatic system.

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Your experience will begin with a free consultation while a qualified expert answers your questions, adresses your concerns and prepare you for the best cellulite removal results.

Our body contouring clinics place high priority on client safety, comfort and satisfaction. With that being said, our professionals welcome you in a clean and private environment to begin your personalized body sculpting regimen. If you are looking for a great experience and effective results, our trending Body contouring clinic in Montreal is the place to be!


  • Reduce fat and remove cellulite
  • Pain free treatment with no side effects
  • Visible results after few session
  • Target & spot remove fat
  • Comfortable experience
  • More affordable than surgery



lipocavitation on woman in body contouring clinic in montreal
  • Body contouring consultation
  • Lipo Cavitation Treatment
  • After Care Guide and follow up



lipocavitation on woman in body contouring clinic in montreal
  • Body contouring consultation
  • Lipo Cavitation Treatment
  • After Care Guide and follow up

What Our customers say on Google..

My go to place for clear skin! Very professional and friendly staff. Always available to answer your questions. I started micro-needling with them 2 years ago and I am so happy with the results! Thank you New Age Spa! This place is a must to try!

Tania kevorkian

I absolutely love this place! I’ve been following them from the beginning...they are extremely kind, professional & clean!!! The only place I trust touching my face!! New age spa offers many services that work & they are always very accommodating to their clients. So happy to have them as a source of beauty/skincare!

Jessica P.

Had Bryanna for a hydrafacial! I've had them at other reputable spas before in MTL and this place offers a better price+better experience! Best hydrafacial I've had. I highly recommend! ❤️

Tram Rivard

Best spa ever!! Real results, true professionalism. I've had 3 microneedling sessions in a year and my skin is so beautiful now and I no longer need to wear foundation to feel beautiful. If you want real results and a staff that cares about your well being then New Age is the truth!!

Cristina Nobrega

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