Permanently remove Hair

Remove ingrown hair

Remove dark spots

Remove strawberry legs

Remove darkened pores

Get softer skin

Get brighter skin

Be free from shaving

Avoid painful waxing

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Permanent hair removal

Laser hair removal technology is designed to heat up hair follicles to damage its growth cycle and destroy the root. Laser’s unique feature is that it can be targeted and attracted only by the hair. This makes for better and faster results.

Between each session, your hair will get weaker and will need less maintenance. Our clients can expect approximately 80% of hair reduction within 4 sessions.

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Laser hair removal in Montreal is the best option for you to permanently remove hair on your body. Truth be told, Permanent hair reduction can significantly improve your quality of life and daily routine. For example, you will no longer need to shave, undergo painful waxing or pluck hair out, saving you time and money in the long run. Although laser hair removal is a multi session treatment, clients that visit our hair removal clinics in Montreal can experience amazing results in as little as one appointment. Get softer skin, remove hair and dark spots due to shaving!

Our secret for best results.

Our secret to high customer satifaction and amazing results is simple. Highly trained medical estheticians and state of the art equipment that provide effective hair removal and a great customer experience. Our latest technology lasers can safely and effectively reduce 80% of hair in under 4 sessions! Click here to book a free consultation or laser hair removal session in Montreal.

Permanent laser hair removal involves the use of heat to damage hair follicles. In essence, light energy from a laser source is attracted to the pigmentation in the hair. Different from IPL, lasers can actually be controlled to focus on a small area and travel further into the follicle. Once the light shoots onto the skin, it is absorbed by the hair stem and destroys the root. In other words, laser can penetrate deeper into the hair follicle and create faster results for permanent hair reduction.

Firstly, our estheticians are discrete, patient and attentive to detail. Greeted by a warm welcome, you are then guided to a private and clean laser treatment setting.

A Personalized Treatment for each client

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that requires experience and attention to detail. In order to offer great results, the technician must know how to adjust energy settings according to your skin type, hair color and sensitivity. Hence, we recommend you choose our permanent hair removal clinics in Montreal for a free consultation and experience the best customer service available on the market!

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Our permanent hair removal clinics in montreal use the latest diode laser technology that meet canadian health standards. Highly trained laser specialists will also apply the latest techniques for effective hair reduction.

Depending on the area you choose to depilate, appointments can last between 15 minutes to 2 hours. As a reference, underarms are done in 10 minutes and full legs laser will take about 30 minutes.


Our permanent hair removal by laser produce the best results in Montreal. In fact, we have been able to reduce hair by 80% in as little as 4 sessions. Of course, every person is different and results may vary. We recommend completing 4 to 6 sessions for best hair reduction.

Firstly, avoid waxing and plucking your hair  for the 6 week period before your appointment.

Proper hair length

Additionally, you must come with the hair lower than 1 mm long. In other words, you can shave hair 24 hours to 48 hours before your appointment. These two factors ensure that we are targeting the roots.

Numbing cream

Most areas on the body are pain-free, however some areas such as the bikini may be a little painful. We recommend you buy/order our Zensa numbing cream to apply 40 minutes before your session. Ask us how by clicking here

To begin, you are welcomed into a private and relaxed environment, where our expert will discuss key points of the treatment. Then the laser hair removal proces begins. Most body areas will be treated with zero pain at all. However, some areas such as the bikini may be a little sensitive. We recommend buying our numbing cream to apply on such areas to prevent any discomfort from laser hair removal. Your esthetician will guide you trough this whole process.

After laser hair removal, avoid sun tanning 2 weeks.

Also, you will want to stay away from harsh cosmetic products, such as lotions and creams that contain alcohol. 

For optimal skin care, prevent pigmentation and properly recover, we recommend our Zensa healing cream to apply after your laser hair removal treatment.



Full legs 230 $

Half leg 120 $

Thighs 150 $

Full bikini 120 $

Bikini lines 100$

Underarms 60$

Full face 100$

Full arm 150 $

Small areas 60 $

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Legs and bikini $ 270

Legs and armpits $ 250

Bikini + armpits $ 150

Full legs + bikini + underarms 300 $

Full arm and underarms $ 180

Full body (legs, armpits, face, arm, bikini)
$ 450

Full body + back and belly $ 500

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"I just finished my 2nd appointment at New Age Spa. I did laser hair removal on my bikini area. The staff is professional and friendly but most importantly, the results are effective! Can’t wait to come back!"
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Love coming to Newage Spa❤️ ! Amazing staff, everyone is super nice the salon is clean and they offer really good prices! They’re treatments are also done by well trained professionals which gives you peace in mind☺️
Jenna c.
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