Hydra dermabrasion is our top selling an all-in-one facial for dry and dull skin. Its a multi-step facial treatment involving exfoliation, dermal infusion and LED light therapy. Hydra dermabrasion is safe on all skin types and is excellent to do all year round. Cleans, hydrates and protects the skin from external damages. Combined with the specific products for your skin conditions, you can expect clear pores, refreshed skin and a boost of collagen.


No downtime

Summer-friendly Facial

Good for sensitive skin

Deep Clean Pores

Remove Blackheads

Brighten skin tone

Hydrate your skin

Plump up your skin

Protect your skin 

What is it?


Hydra dermabrasion is a high tech facial that has proven effective results in treating skin with a dull, dry and uneven texture. This multi-step uses serums and water technology to treat dehydrated skin, oily skin, large pores, pimples, discolouration and damage. Hydra derma facials are non-intensive and cause very little redness after your appointment. You can immediately go back to work or continue your regular skincare routine.

Your facial experience


To begin, our highly trained estheticians will greet you with an in-depth facial consultation and analysis. Determining your skin condition, skin type, and some of your concerns will help her adjust the treatment settings correctly. In our beauty clinics in Montreal and Laval, we only use the best hyaluronic acid derivatives with vitamins to provide you with the best results.

In general, the results from hydra-dermabrasion facials are considered instant. You will immediately see improvements after your appointment. It is important to follow your recommended skincare routine in order to maintain clean and healthy skin. Overall, hydra dermabrasion results will last you between two to four months. After that, you can book a second facial cleaning appointment.

Dermabrasion results


Hydradermabrasion results are similar to microdermabrasion results, without the harsh abrasives or downtime. You will immediately notice softer, plumper and radiant skin. Your pores will be clean at all levels of the dermis, and your blood circulation will be improved in the treated area. We recommend you follow your esthetician’s aftercare guidelines and undertake a cleaning facial at least once every other month.

Before my Facial treatment


There are things you can do to improve results with any professional facial treatment. First, you will want to shower and come in with clean hair and skin. Also, preparing your home environment is vital. Make sure to replace your pillowcases and face towels for the days following your session. This will prevent any dirt or bacteria from interfering with your freshly cleaned skin.

After my Facial Treatment


Our Facial and skincare clinics in Montreal and Laval are notorious for offering the best client experience and skincare advice. You will receive full instructions on your at-home cleansing routines and unique products that work best for you. Good thing is, hydra dermabrasion is a safe and soft treatment that will not cause inflammation or redness after the appointment. You can resume regular daily activities as soon as you leave our spa.


Aftercare is essential when getting a facial done. Make sure you follow our recommendations, minimize touching your face, avoid face-to-face contact with pets and apply minimal makeup (or hypo-allergic or non-comedogenic makeup). You may also want to avoid heavy sweating and excessive sun exposure. Remember, always apply SPF 30+ when heading out and about.

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