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Eyelash Extensions in Montreal

Eyelash extensions are perfect for those who have busy schedules but want to look beautiful all the time. Experience the 5 star lash extension service that our lash artist has to offer.  It is worth noting that our eye lash specialist has over 10 years of experience in different kinds of lash extensions and has the has the ability to consider the morphology, unique style and look of each client she meets. in general, we use multiple lengths and sizes of mink lashes to suit the shape of your face and proud ourselves on creating dramatic yet very natural results.


On your first appointment, the lash technician will meet with you and discuss your expectations and preferences. After analyzing your facial features and your personal style, you will be provided with some lash set options such as the cat eye, open eye, classic lashes or Russian volume lashes. In essence, she will place each strand of false lashes to your fully grown natural lashes carefully, to maintain a healthy growth cycle of smaller and baby lashes. In fact, we take the health of your natural eyelashes very seriously and that is why why we only use hypoallergenic lash adhesive, natural mink lashes and techniques that are safe and effective for posing eyelash extensions for our clients.

eyelash extention in montreal training available for russian volume lashes



Would’nt it be great if each time someone looked at you, they would be captured by the beauty and charm in your eyes? Yes, it would. That is why quality eyelash extensions are highly demanded in Montreal. They allow you to wake up in the morning and look great without the need of makeup or mascara.

Our eyelash extension technician will be able to offer you any lash set including Classic sets, volume lashes or mega volumes lash sets. 

things you should know

Synthetic, silk and mink lashes. You can pick your size from 6mm to 17mm and the shape. We will help you choose the best suited ones for your look. Our technician prefers a thickness of 5 to 7 mm to offer you the most natural results.

First and foremost, you are greeted in a relax and private ambiance. Our lash tech will discuss the various lashes options according to your facial features. In general, the lash application itself will take about 1.5 to 2 hours. Please make sure to come without makeup and clean eyes to ensure quicker and complete applications.

Ideally, every three weeks, the growth cycle and shedding of your natural eyelashes will cause the extensions to fall out over time. Lashes provided by us will last 3-5 weeks. However, our touch up pricing is only applicable for clients that come back after 3 weeks.


Eyelash extensions at new age spa are safe and long lasting. We only use hypoallergenic adhesive that won’t cause any discomfort. In addition, all of our eyelash extensions materials are selected for sensitive eyes and prevent allergic reactions.






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