Fat Freeze Cryolipolysis

Spot remove fat from unwanted areas.


Have you been eating well or exercising but still can’t seem to get that stubborn fat off ? Fat freezing body sculpting is a trending treatment has proven to be the number one solution for spot reduction of fat. In the past, there was no way to remove fat from specific areas such as the love handle, the underbelly or even the triceps area of the arms. Nowadays, technology has taken over the beauty industry and introducing new ways to improve ones look and reduce fat deposits for good, wherever you need it.



Cryopolysis is body fat removal method that requires no surgery or down time. The procedure involves a vacuum machine that isolate by suction, a targeted body area and introduce it to a controlled temperature. This low temperature “fat freezing” technology, will destroy fat cells in the treated area. The 8 week period following the in clinic fat sculpting appointment, your body will continue to break down fat cells and reduce the appearance of fat on the targeted body part.

This fat sculpting technology benefits clients by reducing fat deposits in hard to remove areas such has the chin, the arms, the love handles and the back. In addition to spot removing fat, clients can expect results similar to liposuction, but without the, surgery, the downtime and the recovery necessary for that type of invasive treatment.



Cryopolysis is a non invasive and low risk fat removal solution. However, when choosing your clinic, it is important to know that your skin will be exposed to extreme temperature conditions and an experienced and professional technician is essential for good results and to avoid any possible injury such as stretch marks and more. We highly recommend doing your due diligence on the clinic you decide to choose, make sure they have quality results to show you during the consultation and read up on reviews from previous customers. Our clinic in Montreal will provide you with a top quality experience, where an expert will offer your best results.

things you should know

Coolsculpting or cryopolisis has significant advantages that include, spot fat reduction which was never possible before. Its also non invasive, meaning you will painlessly and effortlessly undergo your fat sculpting session. Finally, another main benefit is that is less expensive and complicated to get treatment done than any other instant fat removal solutions

Firstly, a full body and medical history assessment will be performed by our specialist. If all requirements are met, you will be comfortably installed in a private room, where the crypolysis machine will be placed on your targeted areas. Our cryo machine can handle 2 areas at the same time which is more practical and time efficient.


In general, the results from cryopolysis are appear within 6 to 8 weeks post treatment. The body will melt the fat cells away naturally and at its own pace. However maintaining a healthy diet or exercising will improve and ensure results.

The treatment is performed in a relaxed private environment. Our highly trained tech will guide trough the fat freezing process with zero pain. The feeling is similar to squeezing (pinching) the fat with your own hands and then applying an icepack on it for half an hour or so.

Although Cryolipolysis is a non invasive treatment, there are certain individuals who do not qualify as candidate for this fat reducing treatment. Contraindication or refused clients include those who have had surgery on the requested area of treatment. In addition, people who suffer or have a history of hernia in the requested body part cannot receive cryolipolysis as well. Make sure your are aware of these factors before booking your appointment.


Fat Freezing in Montreal costs

200 $

1 body part

  • Consultation
  • Cryopolisis on one body part
  • 50 minutes
  • Machine Lipomassage


2 body parts

  • Consultation
  • Cryopolisis on 2 body parts
  • 50 minutes
  • Machine Lipomassage
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