Acne can be an embarrassing skin conditions that occurs mostly in teenagers, however it can also affect many adults. Acne forms pimples, whiteheads or blackheads and result from clogged pores or hair follicles in the skin. It usually shows up on the body areas that produce more oil or sebum. For example, common areas include cheeks, forehead, neck, back and shoulders. Although acne is persistent, there several treatments we can do to reduce and remove acne and its effect on the skin.

Acne formation can be caused by many things. Sometimes its hormones, genetics and other times it can be related to external factors that affect the skin. In general, Acne occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged due to oil, dead skin, or bacteria.

There are lifestyle changes you can do to improve acne, however it is a skin conditions that is very tenacious and may be very difficult to overcome. Acne pustules can heal very slowly and breaking them can cause them to multiply or create acne scars. The main causes of acne are:

  • The main causes of acne are:
  • Excess oil
  • Excess sebum
  • Clogged pores of hair follicles
  • Bacteria on the skin
  • Hormonal activity
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How to remove acne

Acne treatment and removal in our Montreal clinics involve multiple techniques and facial steps. Firstly, an esthetician will offer you an in depth analysis of your skin and determine the cause and severity of the acne. Next, the tech will clean out the pores using a combination of facial cleansers and a blackhead removal device. After cleaning your skin, special acne treatments are applied. Some of them include, chemical peels such as salycilic acid or glycolic acid. Other treatments that can remove acne include the carbon laser peel, medicated facils and photo-dynamic LED light therapy. 

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things you should know

  • Black heads
  • Pimples
  • Milia
  • Skin inflammation
  • Papules
  • Pustules

Acne facial treatment results will be noticed right after your appointment. You will see cleaner looking, oil free and refreshed pores. However, to really benefit from acne removal facials, you must be patient and consult your esthetician on a monthly basis to ensure the process is on point.

Your designated skin care specialist will inform you on the required anti acne solution that is right in your situation. Generally, some products or technologies include, the extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, chemical peels, Azelaic acid, Salicylic acid  nd /or Glycolic peels. Also, vitamin c treatments, exfoliation, dermal infusion, laser treatments and photo-dynamic therapy.

Mostly, the treatment is pain free. In some cases, blackhead removal and extraction may cause minimal discomfort, but that is all. The other steps of this acne removing facial and acne treatment are completely pain free.

In order to benefit from our acne treatment facial, you must not be taking any doctor prescribed medications. In addition, pregnant or lactating women are not advised to go trough our treatment.

First of all, acne is a tenatious beast. Things you can do at home and in your personal life can greatly impact your results after anti acne treatments. Opt for a healthy diet that involves low sugar content and avoid greasy food/junk food. In addition to that, minimize acne causing external factors such as stress, dirt, bacteria from pets, dirty clothing or bed sheets and face towels.



acne treatment

  • Consultation
  • Acne removal treatment
  • 50 minutes
  • Post care recommendations



  • Consultation(s)
  • 3 x Acne removal treatments
  • 50 minutes appointments
  • Follow up & recommendations
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