Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and in-demand cosmetic treatments in Canada. Teeth whitening training in our Montreal and Laval academy offers students a unique and hands-on approach. As a result, you will gain real-life experience and essential skills to perform the best dental bleaching results in the industry.

dental whitening certification teeth whitening course


Best learning program

Semi-private training

Models included

Accredited certificate

Value added techniques

Boost your Business

Products available


Tooth whitening procedure


Procedure/ protocols


Cosmetic products

Dental anatomy

Teeth discoloration


Whitening methods


Practice on models


Cross contamination

Client sheet

Best business practice

Marketing ideas and guidance

Using Teeth whitening machine

Applying Teeth whitening products

Equipment and their functions

teeth whitening in montreal dental bleach clinic

High demand for teeth whitening

There are millions of bookings for teeth whitening treatments in Canada. The industry is rapidly growing, and procedures are more accessible to everyone. Potential clients consist of every adult, man or woman, and the opportunity great.

Growing industry

Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is a billion-dollar industry with rising in demand each year. Our teeth whitening course in Montreal and Laval makes you eligible to join the industry and this service in a safe, effective and controlled environment.

Dental whitening Certificate

Our tooth whitening training program gives you a recognized certificate. It covers topics such as safety guidelines, dental anatomy, different whitening methods, hygiene control and secrets of the trade that our professionals have mastered over the years in providing the best results for our clients.

What happens after I take this course?


This course is intended to teach you every detail in teeth whitening and help you start your business quickly and with confidence. You will learn how to introduce whitening services to your beauty salon, spa or dental clinic or find work in the beauty industry. This program will also give you a competitive advantage over other service providers and will guarantee students market-leading results.

Why choose our teeth whitening school?


Teeth whitening training at New Age Academy will not only educate you on safety guidelines, anatomy and the process of dental bleaching. Our experienced trainers go over and beyond to ensure you also learn overlooked subjects such as the customer experience, in-depth consultations and marketing strategies.


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