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Teeth whitening training is a professional development course for estheticians available in Montreal and Laval. Our program offers a unique hands-on approach for students to gain real experience. The accredited program will help you develop your dental bleaching skills and knowledge in order to provide the best cosmetic tooth whitening results for your clients.

Training Features:

  • Best learning program
  • Private training
  • Live models
  • Accredited certification
  • Best techniques
  • Get more Clients
  • Boost your Business
  • Kit & Products available


11:00 to 17:00


2663 Rue Allard, Montréal, QC H4E 2L7




  • Tooth whitening procedure
  • Safety
  • Procedure/ protocols
  • Legislation:
  • Cosmetic products
  • Dental anatomy
  • Teeth discoloration
  • Peroxides
  • Whitening methods


  • Practice on models
  • Sterilization
  • Cross contamination
  • Client sheet
  • Best business practice
  • Marketing ideas and guidance
  • Using Teeth whitening machine
  • Applying Teeth whitening products
  • Equipment and their functions

And More …

High teeth whitening demand

In today’s beauty market, there are millions of requests for teeth whitening treatments. As a result, the industry is rapidly booming and treatments are accessible for everyone. In general, you’re potential clientele includes every man and woman in Canada and the business opportunity is huge.

Growing industry

Furthermore, dental whitening or bleaching is a multi billion dollar industry with demand on the rise each year. Take this teeth whitening training course if you want to be eligible to join in on the action today and perform this health approved service in a safe, effective and controlled environment.


Teeth whitening training course is an accredited education program that covers topics such as safety guidelines, tooth anatomy, different types of whitening methods, tips and tricks that pioneers have mastered over many years of training and practice.

What can you do after graduation?

This course is designed for you to start up your business quickly and effectively. Learn how whiten customer teeth legally and safely in your beauty salon, spa or dental clinic. This program will give you an advantage when looking for work and beauty centers and dental centers as well.

First and foremost, teeth whitening training courses in Montreal cover the different aspects and definitions of teeth whitening. Dental whitening or bleaching is a cosmetic procedure where whitening agents are applied on the surface of the tooth to remove or whiten stains.


The safest and quickest way to whiten teeth is our signature Whitening gel and Blue LED light method. Moreover, this method consists of applying a peroxide based gel on the surface of the teeth and they whiten due to a a bleaching process. Client can expect the stains to disappear in one single appointment. In order to accelerate the whitening process and activate the whitening agent, heat from a blue LED teeth whitening machine light source is aimed at the teeth during the treatment. In this course, you will learn all the steps required to perform scientific consultations, the different parts of the teeth whitening procedure, safely protect client gums and tissues and create stunning white results.

Teeth whitening training courses are designed to teach students and dental professionals all aspects of tooth bleaching using peroxides, non-peroxides and led light and more. In fact, our dental bleaching method is guaranteed to remove stains and whiten teeth for up to 8 shades in under one hour of treatment. Learn our techniques and safety guidelines to stand out in your teeth whitening clinic.

We cover more topics

Teeth whitening training course is a complete education program that covers topics such as safety guidelines, tooth anatomy, different types of whitening methods, tips and tricks that pioneers have mastered over many years of training and practice. In general, genetics, teeth structure, products used and many other factors can affect teeth whitening results and this course will show you how.



  • Teeth Whitening Certificate
  • Live training
  • Teeth whitening kit
  • Practice on Live Models
  • Private Class experience
  • 1 day Training


dental whitening certification teeth whitening course
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