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Micro-needling training in our Montreal and Laval institutions will give liscensed estheticians and skin care providers with the required background and qualification to perform non-medical microneedling treatments. Get real professional experience with our hands on practice and guidance from micro-needling pioneers in Quebec.

Training Features:

  • Best learning experience
  • Learn multiple techniques
  • 1 on 1  focus training
  • Practice on 2 models
  • Accredited certificate. 
  • Produce the best results
  • Get more Clients
  • Boost your Business income


11:00 to 17:00


2663 Rue Allard, Montréal, QC H4E 2L7




  • Microneedling overview
  • Client consultation
  • Infection Control
  • Safety and Guidelines
  • Machines & Needles
  • Treatment protocol
  • Cosmetic products 
  • Skin anatomy
  • Skin Conditions
  • Precautions & legal
  • Healing phases
  • After care guidelines


  • Workstation setup
  • Client consultation
  • Products & equipment
  • Observe
  • Practice on Models
  • Skin Evaluation
  • Body Treatment
  • Practice on second model

And More …


Micro-needling training is a great way to add a trending beauty service to your clinic or spa. Skin needling treatment lets you to perform deeper corrections in your customers skin. This treatment can permanently diminish acne scars, scars, redness, wrinkles and stretch marks. Therefore, clients will rush to your spa and you can gain a competitive advantage. 

Micro needling prices range from 200$ to 400$ depending on your location. With our course, you will learn to minimize costs and maximize client results. The market is growing at a fast pace, join the industry today.

After completing our 2-day program, you will receive an accredited certificate that is recognized by school boards and insurance companies across Canada. In addition, you will be ready to set up your business and services with confidence.

Micro-needling certified estheticians are highly demanded in beauty salons, medical spas and skin care clinics. In general, students start their own beauty business, open their facial clinic or find work in beauty salons all over the city.

Micro-needling is a skin care treatment that is performed by medical clinics and beauty spas. An eletric microneedle device equipped with very fine needles is passed over skin and breaks down old scar tissue or uneven textures. As a result, microscopic injuries are formed in the  dermal layers which, stimulate the body’s natural healing process and regenerate the skin on the targeted area. In addition to that, different cosmetic products are applied during treatment to obtain the desired results. This skin rejuvenating treatment repairs damaged skin by tightening the pores, smoothing acne scars, clearing sun spots,  improving skin texture,  removing stretch marks and more.

Micro-needling works on the face and body.



  • Microneedling Certificate
  • Live training with Micro Pen masters
  • Practice on Live Models
  • Private Class experience
  • 2 days Training

happy students

"I recently did a training at New Age spa. I loved my experience and the patience the staff has. It was very knowledgeable and they followed up with my course and answered any questions I had even after my training."
maro bissi
Google Review
I went there for micro needling and loved it! Beautiful studio, super clean and modern. Super friendly and welcoming staff. Love my results so far on my face. A lot of my acne scars are now gone and my face glows. Would definitely recommend them 🙂
alisha culantuono
Google Review


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