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Dermabrasion Training in Montreal

Hydra dermabrasion facial training course in Montreal is designed with student success in mind. We offer a unique program that combines the perfect amount of theoretical knowledge, practice and starter products to achieve the best hydrating facial results. Dermal infusion class room experiences brought to you by the leading academy in Montreal. As a results, this course will allow you to observe, be observed and apply special techniques to offer the multi step facial of hydra dermabrasion.

Training Features:

  • Best learning experience
  • 1 on 1  focus training
  • Practice on model
  • Accredited certificate
  • Produce the best results
  • Skin care training
  • Boost your Business income
  • Kit & Products Included 

The difference between good and bad results is linked to two main factors. First, the education of the esthetician and second, the quality of the products being used. Our dermabrasion course offers you the best of both worlds. More specifically, we cover all Information on hygiene, safety guidelines, anatomy of the skin, facial conditions, hydra facial procedures and the step by step protocol for providing best results. 

Step by step practice session.

In addition to the training’s theoretical aspect, we will provide you with multiple facial models to practice the treatment and graduate with full confidence in your skills. Hydra Dermabrasion is the most demanded treatment in beauty salons, facial clinics and skin care spas. Once certified, you are on the right track in the beauty industry.


11:00 to 17:00


2663 Rue Allard, Montréal, QC H4E 2L7




  • Dermabrasion overview
  • Infection control
  • Safety and Guidelines
  • Machines & Products
  • Cosmetic products
  • Skin Conditions
  • Skin care treatments
  • Dermabrasion theory
  • Dermal infusion theory
  • Consultations

And More …


  • Workstation setup
  • Client consultation
  • Dermal infusion review
  • Practice on Model
  • Step by step guide to hydra facials
  • Different Facial Techniques
  • Dermabrasion machine and functions
  • Products application
  • Client communication
  • Equipment
  • Legal sheets

And More …

Skin care facial training courses are dedicated to support and increase our students chances of success. In other words, our team of trainers teach trending services that have growing demand and market potential. In fact, hydra dermabrasion facials can be used on any skin type, at any age and for multiple skin conditions such as acne, oily skin, clogged pores, uneven skin tone, skin texture and allows for a huge client base interest. 

High demand for Hydra Dermabrasion facials.

Hydra dermabrasion is one of the top selling treatment at our beauty institute. As a consequence, we highly encourage students to choose this course as one of your starting services in case of a business startup to add services to your existing beauty center. In fact, a hydra facial treatment is being performed around the world every single minute. Our training course in Montreal, qualify you to join this booming industry. Ensure a good start in your business and beauty career, register today!

Hydra dermabrasion is a facial technique that uses a new microdermbrasion technology to remove dead skin cells, blackhead, clear pores and improve skin tone and texture. Using technologies such as dermal infusion, radio-frequency, cold hammer, ultrasound and LED light facials, you can provide a complete facial treatment for your customers. Join the beauty industry with a head start, offering this trending service.

Hydra dermabrasion training at New Age Spa is a unique learning experience that offers you the best information, hands on practice and quality hydra dermal infusion products. Importantly, We offer full starter packages that included high tech equipment with Full warranty options. 

800 $


  • Hydra Dermabrasion Certificate
  • Live training
  • Practice on Live Models
  • Private Class experience
  • 1 day Training



happy students

"I recently did a training at New Age spa. I loved my experience and the patience the staff has. It was very knowledgeable and they followed up with my course and answered any questions I had even after my training."
maro bissi
Google Review
I went there for micro needling and loved it! Beautiful studio, super clean and modern. Super friendly and welcoming staff. Love my results so far on my face. A lot of my acne scars are now gone and my face glows. Would definitely recommend them 🙂
alisha culantuono
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