Hydra dermabrasion training is a beauty professional program Intended to help estheticians offer advanced facials. This course will guide you through in-depth client consultation, safety protocols, skincare techniques, multi-step dermabrasion treatments, client communication, marketing and much more. Complete your hydra dermbrasion certificate in a one-day, practice-focused training.

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Best learning experience

1 or 2 students per class

Practice on models

Accredited certificate

Results oriented

Boost your Business

Summer-friendly Facial


  • Dermabrasion overview
  • Infection control
  • Safety and Guidelines
  • Machines & Products
  • Cosmetic products
  • Skin Conditions
  • Skin care treatments
  • Dermabrasion theory
  • Consultations


  • Workstation setup
  • Client consultation
  • Practice on Model
  • Step by step guide to facials
  • Different Facial Techniques
  • Dermabrasion machine and functions
  • Products application
  • Client communication
  • Equipment
  • Legal sheets


summer facial treatment for skin exposed to the sun and tanning and hot weather skincare montreal laval

What is Hydra Dermabrasion?


Hydra dermabrasion is a new treatment used to remove blackheads, dead skin, dark spots, and blemishes from the skin’s surface. It is the water-based form of microdermabrasion. Hydra dermabrasion uses a water jet and suction system to exfoliate the skin and clear congested skin. Without the harsh effects of regular dermabrasion. As a result, this procedure is excellent for all skin types and people of all ages, attracting a broad client base.

Why choose this course?


Good or bad results are linked to two principle factors. First, the esthetician’s training background and second, the quality of the products being used. Our dermabrasion course covers all topics on skincare. For instance, we go over hygiene control, esthetician etiquette, safety guidelines, anatomy, skin conditions, and a step-by-step process to provide the best customer experience.

Practice focused training


In addition to the training’s theoretical aspect, our trainers will provide you with a model to practice on—the treatment is guided and supervised by the best esthetics professionals. You will graduate this course with hands-on skills and real-life experiences.

Business potential


Hydra Dermabrasion is one of the most demanded treatments in beauty salons, facial clinics and skincare spas. This service is a high starting point in the beauty industry as you can treat almost everyone and during all seasons of the year. Hydra dermabrasion is also known as the best summer facial. In other words, it can protect the skin from the sun and improve sun damage effects using vitamin C infusion. Hydra Dermabrasion certificate is a great asset when looking for work in beauty spas, retail, medical spa and more. Start your career today with our beauty schools in Montreal and Laval.

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