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Skincare Certificate or Esthetics Diploma


Online theory + 1 days in class


800 $ + tx

Dermaplaning training in Montreal is intended to teach students everything they need to know about the delicate nature of dermaplaning treatments.  Experience the best-in-class course and hands-on practice sessions where we focus on your hand movements and desired outcomes. Learn about skin anatomy, exfoliation, multiple skin care steps to do before, during and after dermaplaning. 

dermaplaning results facial before and after dermaplaning client


Interactive experience

Updated techniques

Model included

Role-playing exercises

Accredited certificates

Learn business strategy



Purpose and evolution of dermaplaning


Hair removal

Dermaplaning techniques

Client consultation and legalities

Contraindications before and after treatment

infection control


sharp item disposal

Using blades and equipment

Correcting problems

Aftercare preparation

Client communication




Workstation setup

Client consultation

Products & equipment

Cosmetic application

Skin preparation

Practice on Models

Facial treatment

Aftercare products 

Cosmetic sales knowledge

Client follow up

Marketing tips

Skin analysis

Skin conditions


Dermaplanning is an exfoliating facial that involves a medical grade scalpel to remove dead skin cells, unwanted hair and scum from the surface of the skin. After treatment, the client’s face will look refreshed, smooth and brighter perfect for laying down makeup foundation. 

The results

Dermaplaning has proven to produce the softest and most luminous skin. Environmental and aging factors can add accumulated layers of dead skin cells and toxins on the surface of your skin and dermplaning will remove that along with impurities, peach fuzz and other sebum related particles. Although this is a normal , overtime these pollutants will make skin look uneven, dry, flaky and dull. It can even cause breakouts and wrinkles. Our clinics are constantly testing and developing the best facial treatments to maintain your skin as soft, clear and blemish free as possible and now we present you with the Dermaplaning Facial.

Dermaplaning is one of the most trending facial treatments today. You probably have seen dermaplaning videos or pictures all over the internet. It is time to join in on the market and learn to perform this high demand service.

Client Potential

Although dermaplaning can be performed on all skin types,  you may encounter some sensitivity and risks during your actual treatments. Knowing the right things to do, the protocols to follow and the recommendations to give your clients will make you stand out from the competition and in the beauty industry.

When looking to get a facial, and one involving scalpels, clients always look for  qualified and trained estheticians. A beauty salon that has received accredited training is guaranteed to produce better and safer results for their clients, customers know this.  Our academy offers academic courses on dermaplanning, microneedling and many advanced treatments that have generated confidence and reputation in Canada. Therefore, you are sure to benefit from the best dermaplaning training and certification, allowing customer to feel confident in your services. Different techniques used can achieve different results. Learn the right methods that offer safe treatments and avoid ingrown hairs or stubble growth and other risks.

Our dermaplane certification

Our Trainers offer this treatment on a daily basis, providing the best results in Montreal. They will teach you to offer scientific consultations, the same quality results and increase your rates of client satisfaction. Dermaplaning facials offer instant results and clients can see visible smoother and brighter looking skin. The type of outcome that pushes customers to come back and talk to their friends about your business.

The right beauty school

Moreover, it is important to choose an academy that will teach you the right way to make that happen. Our dermaplaning training program provides you with an accredited certificate eligible for business insurance coverage and allow you to apply for jobs at beauty centers or work from your own spa business.

Products included

In addition, our course includes extensive hands on training, allowing the students to experience all the aspects of dermaplane facials in a safe, monitored and highly educational environment. Plus, our training course comes with a full starter kit that includes quality blades, hyaluronic acid serums dermaplaning products.

Your income

Our dermaplaning is a versatile treatmeny. It can be performed by itself or added to other facials offered at your spa. Price vary from 100$ to 200$ depending on your location and clients will always want to return for continuous results. Average treatment effects will last about 3-4 weeks, therefore recommended frequency is once or twice a month. That makes for a great business potential and a good way customer retention in your clinic.

Prerequisites: Esthetics diploma or skincare certificate.

To be a successful esthetician, you must have good communication skills and attention to detail. You will learn to analyze and identify different skin types and conditions. Conduct professional facials, manicure pedicures and use other beauty machines and technologies. During your career, you will work with different people and personalities, therefore a good sense of ethical behavior and respect is a must.

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