Hydra Dermabrasion Training

Hydra Dermabrasion beauty course in class training experience. Learn to perform the #1 demanded treatment in the world. Hydra Dermabrasion consists of multiple complex steps for a full facial treatment that suits and benefits any skin type. Everything there is to know about skin care, facials and hydra dermal facials is included in this course. Get certified.


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Teeth whitening Training

Our Teeth whitening esthetics course presents a detailed and comprehensive look at dental bleaching. Learn to whiten your customers teeth by 4 to 8 shades in one single appointment. Master the art of consulting and learn to confidently explain after care instructions, treatments and products that involve teeth whitening. Also, acheive the best possible results and have customers rush to your beauty clinic!

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Microneedling Training

Microneedling beauty course in Montreal is an immersive experience into the world of dermapens. Treatment guidelines that will correct clients deeper skin problems. This collagen boosting, scar removing, skin regenerating and skin tightening treatment is not easy business. In other words, complexities such has safety guidelines, cross contamination, Blood born pathogens, client results, after care products and equipment must.


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Scalp Micropigmentation Training

Beauty course in SMP. Scalp micropigmentation training course will allow you to join the ranks of SMP top level artists. Replicate hair follicle at a master level and start your business easily with certication and products.

dermaplaning course training student practicing on live model

Dermaplaning Training

Beauty Course in Dermaplaning. Everyone wishes to have the perfect skin. However doing so is not easy. An esthetician must know facial anatomy, Blade manipulation and much more to produce effective and safe results. Our Dermaplaning course covers these topics any many more.


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Online & Live Course

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Beauty Services

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Successful Graduates

Boost your business

Immerse yourself into real life situations, where you will learn to:

  • Start a Beauty Business
  • Offer Scientific Consultations
  • Up sales of products & Services
  • Resolve different skin problems
  • Control Safety & Hygiene
  • Improve your treatment results
  • Improve your Customers Loyalty
  • Learn Business Marketing tips
  • Increase your Business Income
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