Our teeth whitening training course is straightforward and designed with our students in mind. A unique hands-on approach allows students to gain a real professional experience. Most importantly,  the program will help you develop your skills and knowledge in order provide the best results in your teeth whitening business. Make sure you receive the best classroom experience for your training. Be observed and guided by leading experts in industry. After graduating from our professional program, you are provided with an accredited teeth whitening certificate.

Business potential

There are millions of business inquiries in Canada for teeth whitening and it is a booming industry. You’re potential market is every man and woman in Canada, therefore the opportunity is huge. Dental whitening is a billion dollar industry and this certification will help you take your share in the market.


Part of our course’s purpose is to inform students on all aspects of dental whitening and how it whitens teeth.  The treatment is proven to remove stains and discoloration. Although it is a cosmetic procedure, most dentists perform tooth whitening due to its popularity and demand.

Firstly, it is important to know that the enamel is the outer layer of a tooth. The color of natural teeth is a reflection light trough the enamel. In general, genetics may affect the thickness and smoothness of the enamel. Having smoother or rougher enamel affects the color we perceive our teeth to be. On the other hand, Tooth enamel contains pores that can hold stains and accumulate them over time. That is where cosmetic teeth whitening comes in.

The most common method of whitening teeth consists of a gel applied directly to the surface of the teeth. Product contains some form of high quality peroxide. You will learn protects the gums around the teeth. then apply the whitening agent. In most cases, one session is required, however that number may depend upon how severe your stains are.


Tooth whitening procedure


Procedural protocols

Legislation: Cosmetic teeth whitening

Dental anatomy

Teeth discoloration

Teeth whitening gel

Best teeth whitening method


Practice on models

Sterilization & cross contamination

Client sheet & legalities

Best business practice

Marketing ideas and guidance

Teeth whitening machine

Teeth whitening products

Machine controls and their functions


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